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Some things we did during lockdown are worth continuing

In 2020 Kim, like many workers around the world, found herself either in lockdown or being encouraged to work from home as authorities tried to get a handle on the pandemic.

Based in Victoria, she experienced one of Australia’s (and the world’s) toughest and longest lockdowns and it affected not just her but her family.

Prior to the pandemic, she would take her three-year-old son to day care.  Mornings were chaotic for everyone.  A far from relaxed breakfast, often eaten on the run, was followed by a half crazed drive for the drop off and the daily heartbreak of her son crying and clinging to her legs.

When lockdown hit and she had to work from home, Kim had time to walk her son to day care because she no longer had to commute.  The tears and clinging stopped immediately.  The dawdling morning walk allowed for a slower and calmer transition.

The two hours refunded to Kim by COVID-19 restrictions were hers to use however she wished.  She could have simply continued the upsetting morning routine, but she decided instead to spend the time wisely, and the return on that investment was huge.

She has vowed and declared that now life is going back to “normal”, her new normal of the morning walk to kindy will remain firmly in place.

What change did you make or habit did you get into over the past couple of years that no matter how “normal” life becomes, you will maintain it?  I’d love to know.

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