Pottering around is perfect for productivity

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Time management strategies

Pottering around is underestimated, in my opinion and can have a very positive impact on your ability to be productive and work smarter.

I don’t mean in the garden (although go ahead and do so if that floats your boat).  I mean the sort of thing we used to wait until between Xmas and New Year to do. When we would play catch ups on some of the more routine tasks that whilst somewhat mundane still need to get done. 

Days when we didn’t have any set commitments and we could decide in the moment what we were doing based on what we felt like doing.

 I love days like this.  

I frequently (at least once per fortnight) block a day in my diary where I’m beholding to no one, giving me a day that is full of choice around what I do.

Typically, I end up doing 3rd and 4th hours activities (see my book The First 2 Hours). The kind of things that your future self will thank you for, for example, getting to the bottom of your inbox, prepping stuff 3 weeks out or putting a plan together.

Or I may take the time to call family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues that I haven’t spoken to for a while. And, I don’t book it in. I send a short text saying, “are you free for a yak?”

A day like this gives me breathing space.  Time to recharge the batteries before returning to the fray.

Open your diary right now and find a day in the next few weeks that you can block to potter and breathe.

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