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Productive Meetings

Our productivity is often directly related to our time spent in (good or bad) meetings. 

This image is one of my favourite “meetings” memes going around. As you can imagine, being a writer and expert in meetings and productivity I get these sent to me a lot.

Another of my favourites is the, “I just survived another meeting that could have been an email” meme.

They are funny because they are true!

How often do you sit in a meeting while someone reads from the slides and think, “They could have just sent me the deck!!”?

When you know the purpose and you are clear on who the right people are to help with that, the next question you should ask is, “Is there another way to do this other than a meeting?”

There are PLENTY of other ways:

  • 1:1 phone calls
  • Collaborative spaces (MS Teams, Slack, Trello)
  • Survey Monkey
  • Email – send the presentation with discussion questions.

Don’t let a meeting be the default. Consider other options that might get you equal, or even better results.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your success.

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