Productivity advice from Homer Simpson

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Productivity advice from Homer Simpson.  Really?

I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons since it first hit screens in Australia in the late 80’s. I’ve always admired the cleverness of operating at two levels, keeping the kiddies and grown ups entertained.

I listened to a podcast recently that made reference to an episode where, when asked to do something a bit challenging now as an investment in his future relationship with is son, Bart, Homer replied, “That’s a problem for future Homer.  Man, I don’t envy that guy.”

You know I bang on all the time about doing things that your future self will thank you for, and I reckon, it’s also worth asking, “What problems am I creating for my future self?”

With the New Year approaching, and the clean slate it offers, it’s a chance to stop and take stock don’t you think?

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