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What our clients say

Donna’s presentation for my Women of Impact Online Retreat was very well received. Delegates particularly enjoyed her stories, found her incredibly relatable, and she used her models in a way that really drew people in and kept them engaged for the entire hour. From an organiser’s perspective, Donna was a standout – highly professional, easy to liaise with and had high quality visuals for her virtual presentation.

Amanda Blesing

Organiser of Women of Impact Online Retreat

Take Out the Kinks

Over the 2 years I have been part of the productivity mentoring program, run by Donna. Even though I have known her for years and she is always knowledgeable and helpful in straightening out my thinking and her programs and her expertise are like the gardener who takes the kinks out of a hose to create more flow.

 Knowing what to ask, how to reframe and uncovering in an hour, what would take me hours or days to do – Donna puts me in flow!

Maree Burgess

Coach, facilitator and author of the XX Project and Connecting Us

Mind Blowing

When Donna first shared The 15% Rule with me it blew my mind! I immediately put it into effect with instant positive results. I had more time for me, which meant I had more to give my family.

Janine Garner

Best-selling author of It's Who you Know and Be Brilliant

Daily Habits

When I first started working with Donna, I was a bit all over the place with how I wanted my business to build and scale. Using some of the techniques she taught in her programs, I began to put into place small things like habit trackers that helped me get on top of what felt like huge tasks.

 These habits continue to help me on a daily basis.

Rebecca Bradshaw

Quality Expert & Consultant