The future of your productivity is in your hands today.

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Time management strategies

Productivity is not something we should just be thinking about in terms of our current state.  Are you setting yourself up for the days ahead to be brimming with productivity? 

I’m in the process of moving my home and business interstate.  I am also buying and selling real estate and dealing with all the palaver that involves lawyers, bankers and everyone else that wants a piece of you around that. 

When we first found out about our dual settlement and moving dates (months ago), I blocked out my diary for the week before and the week after.

 I have subsequently had many requests for paid bookings, meetings, coaching sessions etc and I have steadfastly held my ground.  

Now that the move is upon us, I’m so grateful that I protected that time.   

I’d by lying if I said it wasn’t tempting. When a much loved client wants to pay you money for an interesting gig and the date is set in cement, it is hard to resist. 

But I did.  My current self is now thanking my past self. 

What decision could you make today that your future self would thank you for?

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