The Productive Power of the Tick!

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There’s just something about that productive feeling of ticking off a task on a to do list, isn’t there?  If you are like me, the satisfaction of seeing the ticks on a page (or highlighted lines) just gets those dopamine levels rising.  Do you sometimes get to the end of your list, and then write additional things that you did, and then tick them off?  Yeah.  Me too.

And there’s no surprise as to why that feels so good and why it’s so motivating.  Dr Jason Fox in his book The Game Changer wrote about the power of making progress visible.  Seeing those last few unticked things on a huge list builds momentum and motivation to get it all done.

This is why habit trackers are such a powerful way to make (and break) habits. They give you a chance to tick off your progress. A bit of a double whammy don’t you think?

In the past week, I have given away online a sample habit tracker for people that want to:

  • Increase daily step counts
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Include self-care activities
  • Make sales calls
  • Improve their eating
  • Exercise more
  • Structure their day around work and mum tasks
  • Create more “me” time
  • Create consistent social media content
  • Hack the 9-5 mindset
  • Manage water intake
  • Have daily walks

And one for a Mum whose daughter has ADHD and trouble concentrating.  She thought it might help keep her focused.

If you want the free habit tracker, with “yes please” and tell me what you are planning to track, and I’ll shoot it over to you.

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